Steps To Build A Solar Panel

Have you ever thought of acquiring electricity for free? Well, for some people, it may be a big impossibility to have something as expensive as electricity for free. However, for the others, it is greatly possible with the use of a solar panel.

What is a solar panel?

A solar panel is made up of many solar cells used to generate the sun’s energy and convert these to current energy used to power up our different appliances. This current energy is similar to the electricity we get from our paid suppliers.

How can it bring us free energy?

Technically, the main source of energy by the solar panels is the sun. And of course, we all know that anything nature provides is for free, including the sun’s rays. By utilizing the sun’s rays, we are generating electricity for free.

The question now remains, “Wouldn’t I still need to allot a great amount of investment for the solar panel?” The answer is yes and no. Yes, you need to shell out money to have your own solar panel and no, it does not need to be in great amount than you expect.

If you buy a readymade solar panel, then you would expect to bring out more cash. But, if you plan to do the solar panel yourself, then you would expect a total investment that is half of the investment you will need to buy a readymade one.

That sounds practical, but how do I made my own solar panel?

There are actually many guides on how to build your own solar panel. You can check online for the many different easy guides on how to build different kinds of solar panels. For a good idea on how to build a solar panel, here are the steps you can follow.

First, you must acquire all necessary materials in building your solar panel. You will need enough solar cells, plywood, plexiglass, rosin flux, silicon, some wires, voltmeter, adhesives and electrical and hardware tools. Primarily, you need to have skills in carpentry and electrical to build your own solar panel. Otherwise, you can seek professional help or some friends who knew how.

Now that you have all your materials, you can start with your solar cells. In buying your solar cells, you initially need to identify the volts you need for your solar panel. Usually a solar cell can produce 0.5 voltage so you must make sure that you can collect as many solar cells as you need to create a powerful solar panel. Test out these solar cells using your voltmeter and when you have all the solar cells you need, you can start making your plywood.

Cut out the plywood according to the number of solar cells you need to place on them. Arrange first your solar cells in an organized way to meet the dimensions of your plywood. Use rosin flux to adhere all your solar cells and use the silicon to affix your connected solar cells completely in your plywood.

After that, you can frame your plywood using plexiglass. Now, the dimension of your plexiglass also depends on the dimension of your plywood. Make sure that your plexiglass can cover your solar cells completely to avoid moisture or other unwanted elements to get inside. Check for holes before you install your solar panel so that no moisture can stay in your solar panel. Leave some gap for air to flow in, making it hard for moisture to build up.

Once you have completed your solar panel, you can now install it on top of your roof and enjoy free electricity all throughout with your new solar panel.

See this video to have a quick guide on building solar panels:


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