Do It Yourself Solar Panels: A Practical Way To Generate Electricity At A Much Lesser Cost

Using solar energy is one way to practice a healthy lifestyle. Why is that so? Well, mainly because using solar energy will not cause any harm to our environment and to the people surrounding it. This natural energy contains no harmful elements hence are good to the body and to the surroundings.

That is great news considering the damaging environment we have these days caused by pollution and unlikely human activities. However, acquiring a solar energy-generating device is quite costly. Solar panels are most likely to cost five times the electricity bill so it would entail a greater expense just to live a greener lifestyle.

The answer to that is a big no. The truth is living a greener lifestyle or simply using solar panel is not costly at all. Many people who look out for the environment and for the welfare of other people are using a solar panel in their houses instead of acquiring electricity from a paid supply. What is much better and exciting, solar energy are free and unlimited, so no brownouts and no monthly bills to worry about.

To add to that great news, you can save much by doing yourself your own solar panel. You do not need to buy a readymade solar panel, just make your own and you can save half or greater in cost than buying one. The main point of a do it yourself solar panel is enough solar energy at a much lesser cost.

How do you make your own solar panel?

All you need to have is the complete solar kit that includes enough solar cells, a plywood panel, Plexiglass for the frame, Silicon, Rosin flux, wires, voltmeter, batteries, screws, adhesives and some carpentry tools. You also need to have a guide on how to install your solar panel to make your work a lot easier.

To start with your do it yourself solar panel, work on your solar cells. These are chips used to generate the solar energy from the sun and in turn convert it into current energy. You need enough solar cells to obtain the right voltage. Often, more than 40 solar cells are used in each panel. To make sure you have the right number of solar cells, you can test first your solar cells using the voltmeter.

You can make your plywood panel based on the number of solar cells you have on hand. Make sure you arrange them in a neat way in your plywood panel and all your solar cells fit in the panel. Frame it with Plexiglass and secure them tightly. You may want to check on moisture and leaks to prevent inactivity of your solar cells. Make sure no leaks would allow water to get inside your solar panel and enough ventilation to prevent moisture from generating inside your panel.

Now, you can install your homemade solar panel up on your roof or somewhere viable near your house. Just always check on it for leaks and moisture build up so it goes on continuously.

Here is a good example of a do it yourself solar panel, watch this video:


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