What Is Solar Panel Output

Solar Panel means free electricity anytime for as much as you want.

It is quite true for many people to have all the electricity they need when they installed their solar panels up in their roof. But, what about other people who only experience smaller quantity of electricity they acquire from their solar panels?

These two situations depend mostly on the output of their solar panel. A solar panel output is generally the quantity of solar energy that the solar panel is able to generate. The quantity of solar energy the solar panel acquires will influence the current energy distributed around the house. In other words, your electricity will mostly depend on the quantity of solar energy your solar panel is able to acquire.

So, why do some people have more solar energy and others have less?

Many factors affect the overall solar panel output. Obstructions are usually the reasons why most houses are generating smaller quantity of current energy than other houses. Let us discuss each of these factors and understand how it affects the total solar panel output.

1.)    The position of your solar panel – Inappropriate positioning of the solar panel will most likely affect the distribution of solar energy into your solar panel. A simple illustration will explain why position is vital in your solar panel. When you install your solar panel up on the roof, often you place it in a tilt position parallel to your roof structure. But, typically, you will notice that some parts of your roof are not acquiring more sun’s rays all throughout the day. It may be exposed to the sunlight for an hour or two but usually, the other portion of your roof or other things overshadows it.

That affects the solar panel output since primarily, we need to have our solar panel exposed all day long to the sun to acquire more solar energy for electricity conversion.

2.)    Location of the solar panel – this is also important considering the same reason as with the position of your solar panel. Finding the right location for your solar panel is important. Your roof may looks like the appropriate place for your solar panel just like in most houses but if your roof does not obtain more sunlight during the day, it may not be the best position for your solar panel. Find a location where you can place your solar panel completely under the sun’s rays.

3.)    Size of the solar panel – We all know for a fact that the solar cells are the major source of obtaining the sun’s energy. And we believe that the bigger the solar panel, the more solar cells are installed in it. The solar panel output depends on the number of solar cells in your panel. If you have more solar cells acquiring the sun’s energy, then you will definitely have greater solar panel output. So, the bigger your solar panel is, the greater is your solar panel output.

4.)    Efficiency of your solar panel – It is quite obvious that the more efficient is your solar panel, the greater output it produces. Generally, the efficiency of a solar panel depends on the type of materials used. If you buy a solar panel that is known to have high-grade materials, then expect a more efficient performance. But, if you only buy some cheap solar panel, you will only have lower output for your solar panel.

5.)    The weather – Rainy days and winter intermit the overall solar panel performance therefore may lower the total output. Since there are lesser sun’s rays, only a few quantity of the solar energy is captured by your solar panel.

Most of these factors are unavoidable but you can always be more proficient and be prepared to meet these conditions. Always think first of how your solar panel will work and how effective it is to generate the highest solar panel output for you

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