Learn The Cost Of Solar Panels

When we speak of solar panels, the first thing that comes into our minds is free electricity from the sun. We can enjoy all the current energy we want for no cost at all. But, if we go through the process of acquiring the solar panel, we would soon realize that having a solar panel is not at all free. You need to shell out a good amount of investment before you can enjoy free electricity for many years.

What exactly is the cost of a solar panel?

Actually, there is no exact cost of a solar panel. Most solar panels vary in cost depending on different factors. Mainly, you can choose to either buy a readymade solar panel or just do yourself your own solar panel. Technically, the latter would mean less cost than buying a readymade one. Almost half the total cost of a readymade one is required when doing your own solar panel. That is fifty percent savings when you know how to build a solar panel.

But, if you do not know how to build your own solar panel, you can opt to shell out a few bucks and have a readymade one. The cost variation still does not stop there. Prices may vary still depending on the type of materials used. For instance, you want to buy a polycrystalline panel, which can save you more but are not effective enough to produce a high solar panel output. Otherwise, you can buy a mono crystalline panel that is more expensive than the polycrystalline panel yet is much more proficient.

Other materials used such as the framework of the panel can add up to the total cost of your solar panel. You may choose to buy a more affordable solar panel but are made out of not so effective materials or you can choose to purchase a high-powered solar panel but are more expensive than the rest. Of course, the manufacturer of the solar panel also influences the cost of the solar panel. Many top brands are offering prices a little higher due to their established and reliable name.

When you consider building your own solar panel, the cost also varies greatly. First, consider the gravity of your wattage requirement. Will you need more watts for your three-storey house or only a few to power your one-storey business establishment? Your overall materials, plus their cost, will depend on your need.

Moreover, building your own solar panel would entail knowledge. If you judge yourself as the person needing assistance when building and installing your solar panel, then you must consider the cost of labor plus other hidden costs. You also have to take into account the need to learn more on building a solar panel.

Generally, it would entail around a thousand dollars if you made your own solar panel. However, if you choose to buy a readymade one, be prepared to shell out more than twenty thousand dollars. Yet, you can always canvass first before you buy to have the best deal and save more in your new solar panel.

See an example of the total cost when installing a solar panel:


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