How To Install A Solar Panel

Ever wonder what is that rectangular device mounted on your neighbor’s roof? It is a solar panel. Your neighbors are enjoying limitless electricity all the days of their lives at no cost. Sounds impossible, right? But, it is rather true if you have a solar panel in your house too.

One of the major problems in this world is high cost of electricity. With the much appliances and things to do every day and every night, no wonder electricity is a staple necessity of every person. Thus, no matter how high the cost of having electricity inside the house, people still avail them.

Now, with the trend of living a greener lifestyle comes the motivation to generate electricity the “green” way. It is not by living in the dark and depriving yourself of the comforts of light and heat but it is actually having electricity in a form of solar energy. This natural energy are free, unlimited and does not release bad elements to the environment. In addition, using a solar energy will not let you shell out money monthly since it is generally a onetime investment.

Solar panels are used to generate solar energy and convert it into current energy needed to activate our appliances and produce light and heat. Technically, these panels are placed up on the roof where the sun is striking the most or if not, in any feasible location that is near the house. Now, that you know the location where to place the solar panel, the question is, how to install them?

Installing a solar panel is not as hard as it sounds. If you bought a ready to install solar panels, you will find yourself equipped with guides and materials on how to install your solar panel. All you need to do is to follow the guide accordingly and you will be able to have your solar panels affixed to your roof in no time. You might want to ask assistance, as these panels are often heavy to carry to your roof.

If you plan to create your own solar panel, installing them is also easy. First, you have to create your own complete rack system. Now, this rack is where you place your solar panel securely, so make sure you do it perfectly or you might want to see your solar panels falling into pieces. A complete rack system is required since you must create a good distance between your solar panel and the roof for good ventilation and allowing air to cool off and regulate your solar panel.

Once you have your rack system, affix it on the roof. Make sure you attach it in your rafters and not just on your plywood sheating. This will hold it securely and not allow your bolts or wires to loosen. After mounting your rack system, secure your base with a stainless steel lag bolts. Also, place roof lashing over each mount to prevent any leaks up on your roof.

After you check if your rack system is securely in place, it is time then to install you solar panels. In doing so, create all means to assure that your solar panels are tightly attached to your rack system. Bolt in the screws and use double adhesives whenever possible. Remember, your goal in installing your solar panel is to make it stay there for good, so try to do it perfectly.

To see how a solar panel is installed, watch this video:


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