Building Your Homemade Solar Panels

The use of a solar panel has created a great way for many people to save much in electricity bills and go a greener lifestyle. Utilizing one of the most abundant energy on earth will guarantee us a long lasting supply of sufficient energy devoid of the supposed cost we could acquire when we buy energy from a paid electrical resource.

Buying a solar panel for use at home will generally incur initial cost. This involves the total investment on your solar panel device and your installation cost if you hire a professional to do the set up. But, did you know that you could also create your own solar panel for your house?

Homemade solar panels primarily reduce the total investment you would allocate for your solar panel. All you have to pay for is the raw materials you would be using when you make your homemade solar panel. In fact, some of the raw materials used to build a solar panel are already available in your own house so you do not need to buy them.

Many people who have the knowledge on electrical works and carpentry would find the concept of homemade solar panel easy. If you do have basic knowledge on electrical works and carpentry, then you will be amazed on how easy it is to do a simple solar panel. Just have your carpentry tools ready, plywood for your panel, sufficient solar cells, Plexiglass, silicon, flux and a voltmeter. Then, you can readily build a good solar panel.

First, you have to buy your solar cells. Figure out the volts you need by combining the solar cells and testing their capacity through the voltmeter until you can reach the desired volts. After you identify the number of solar cells you need, cut your plywood to the exact dimension that can fit all your solar cells. Apply some UV protective varnish to the wood so that it will not burn down after too much exposure to the sun.

Put some flux to the bus strips of your solar cells to adhere each of your solar cells correctly and apply minimal amount of silicon to attach your solar cells to the plywood panel. Lastly, frame your panel with a Plexiglass and check for good air ventilation to avoid moisture increase. Make sure that your solar cells are securely affixed and your frame in tight cover.

These easy to follow steps will enable you to create your homemade solar panel. By installing your own homemade solar panels, you will not only save yourself from the cost of paid electricity, but you will also save yourself from the initial cost of buying a ready-made solar panel.

So, why make a solar panel?

Given its capacity to acquire energy from the sun and convert them to current energy, solar panels can provide you with sufficient electrical energy you need to light up the whole house for free. When you have a solar panel attached to your roof, you no longer need to obtain electricity from your local electrical source. Just obtain your needed electricity from the stored energy in your solar panel. The point is that you do not need to pay monthly just to have electricity for the whole house.

In addition, having a solar panel allows you a greener lifestyle. Since it is natural energy, no carbon build up or harmful elements are emitted to our atmosphere. Simply saying, solar panel promotes us to live a greener and healthier lifestyle.

See how one person creates his homemade solar panel:


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