Build Your Own Solar Cells

Solar cells are photovoltaic devices that capture the sun’s energy and convert it to current energy needed to produce heat and light. Often, solar cells are arranged collectively in a single panel to come up with what we call as solar panel. By combining numerous solar cells into a panel, these produce voltage high enough to light up the whole house.

Many people are engaging into making their own solar panels. All they have to do is acquire set of materials needed for their homemade solar panels and create these in their own backyard. They buy enough set of solar cells, a Plexiglass, plywood enough to arrange the solar cells, and some other materials.

But, did you know that you could also make your own solar cells? Sounds interesting, right?

Actually, making a solar cell is easy. You just need a copper sheeting, electric stove, sandpaper, tap water and ammeter. Before you go on and build your solar cells, gather first all your necessary tools to have a continuous working process and do everything appropriately. Then you can start making your own solar cells.

First, cut your copper sheeting to an approximate size that can fit the stove. You must wash your hands as well as your copper sheet to remove some grease. Also, remove the top layer of your copper sheet until you can have a shiny red copper. This is removing the oxidized layer of your copper sheet, as you do not need it.

Next, heat your copper sheet in the stove. You will notice some changes in your copper sheet. The red orange layer of your copper sheet is what you need for your solar cell. This layer is called the cuprous oxide layer. It is photosensitive so generally it acquires the solar energy from the sun. But, let your copper sheet stay in the heat for about half an hour.

As you heat your copper sheet, you will notice a black layer forming in your copper. That is the cupric oxide layer of your copper and may be irrelevant in the production of your solar cells. This layer will intend to thicken, as your copper is exposed longer to the heat.

After half an hour, turn of your stove and let your copper sheet cool down. You will notice then that the cupric oxide layer is becoming fragile and easily chipped off. Also, your copper sheet has shrink into a smaller copper sheet.

Once your copper sheet cooled down, let us say for about 20 minutes, remove it from the stove and take out those black oxides on the top layer of the sheet. Use a sandpaper to gently remove these unwanted elements or run it on tap water. Always remember to only remove the black oxide layer and not much of the red orange layer. If some black oxides are hard to remove, don’t force it as it will also chip away some of the cuprous layer.

Now, cut another copper sheet with similar size as your heated sheet. Then, connect these two sheets with an ammeter but make sure they are not touching each other. The negative terminal is connected to the cuprous oxide sheet and the positive terminal to the new copper sheet. Therefore, you have a solar cells read through an ammeter.

You can arrange your solar cells in your panel and frame it securely with a Plexiglass. Knowing all this ideas on how to create your own solar cells and solar panel will allow you to build your own electricity-generating device that you do not need to allot money monthly just to have electricity to your house.

To see a video on how a solar cell is made, watch this:


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